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File Application Form 2019 - Deadline Friday 12th July 2019
File Evaluation of 2017 Event
File Evaluation of 2018 Event
File Evaluation of 2019 Event
Folder New Political Minds Programme Information and Consent Forms
URL Lancaster University Campus Maps and Directions
File New Political Minds 2019 Programme
File New Political Minds 2019 Research Questions
File Arrival and departure information
File Introduction to New Political Minds
Politics/IR at Lancaster File Politics and IR at Lancaster University
File Careers, CVs and Employment
The Richardson Institute Folder Resources
Session 1: Extremism, Radicalisation and ISIS Folder Resources
Session 2: Sovereignty: what does the future hold for the EU and UK? Folder Resources
Session 3: Neoliberalism and the Financial Crisis Folder Resources
Session 4: After ideology: is there an alternative to liberal democracy? Folder Resources
2016 Presentations Folder PowerPoint Presentations