Weekly outline

  • Introduction

    3 day residential research workshop run by the Richardson Institute

    30th and 31st August & 1st September 2017 at Lancaster University

    Lancaster University has recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  The Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion wishes to revitalise Politics/International Relations by bringing together the 35 finest young political minds (Year 12, 16 -17 year olds) to build towards the next 50 years of the University’s life and the next half century of UK Politics.

    In this unique event, successful applicants will work with Politics/IR academic staff and the Richardson Institute, the UK’s oldest Peace and Conflict Research Centre, over three days to produce a series of reports on the future of Britain as seen through the eyes of people entering into the world of politics. 

    Students will stay on campus in Lancaster University’s award winning accommodation and will experience a range of evening activities run by Lancaster University’s Student Ambassadors.

    Places at the event will be determined by completion of the application form below, in which the best entrants will be invited. While all Year 12 A Level students can enter, places will be reserved for students from Widening Participation (WP) backgrounds.

    By attending, you will

    •           experience university life and stay in award winning halls of residence
    •           enjoy Lancaster’s unique campus entertainment
    •           make new friends from different places and backgrounds
    •           spend time with current Lancaster University students
    •           work with experienced and internationally recognised researchers to strengthen your knowledge of politics
    •           develop key skills
    •           strengthen your CV in unique ways
    •           be able to apply for academic bursaries to guarantee financial support throughout the course of your study, should you choose to study Politics/IR at Lancaster
    This site contains all materials related to New Political Minds, including resources for the four seminars held at the event, as well as resources which introduce students to Politics/IR and the Richardson Institute. 

    Comments made by attendees at last year’s event:

    Increased subject knowledge: 'I thoroughly enjoyed the summer school and thought it was well organised and delivered. The topics were interesting and varied and gave a good insight to what politics at university would involve'

    Enhanced skills and CVs: 'Not only will I be able to put this residential on my CV and Personal Statement, but I will also be able to take away many new skills; from research to communication and also new knowledge'

    Increased awareness of university study and personal achievement: 'We were allowed to question, explore and think freely for ourselves, with guidance and support from people clearly passionate about their subjects, and even though this all took place in little seminar rooms with people we may never see again, I feel like I definitely challenged myself to take a greater interest in political aspects'

    Engagement with current students and alumni: 'The staff were awesome, especially the students of IR and the Student Ambassadors'

    Student experience: 'I thoroughly enjoyed the summer school and thought it was well organised and delivered'

    UKSRO Student Ambassador on the residential: 'One of the main things that struck me while working on the New Political Minds Summer School was the extraordinary level of engagement by the students on the topics covered by the tutors. This engagement was considerably higher than that which I’ve experienced on other summer schools, and came largely from the commitment of the tutors to deliver interesting and thought provoking discussions'

  • Politics/IR at Lancaster

    The resources enclosed provide an introduction to Politics/IR and the study of those subjects at Lancaster University.

    You will find a PowerPoint walkthrough 'Politics and IR at Lancaster University' which outlines the course and the University.

    Annually updated videos explaining Politics/IR can be found at: What is Politics/IR?

  • The Richardson Institute

    The Richardson Institute is the oldest Peace Studies centre in the UK and was established in 1959 in the spirit of the Quaker scientist, Lewis Fry Richardson. The Richardson Institute is an interdisciplinary forum for research on peace and conflict.

    Based within the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion (PPR) at Lancaster University, the Richardson Institute brings together academics who are committed to undertaking contemporary research and to developing outreach activities.

    Our vision is to be internationally recognised as a world-class partner of choice for universities, research centres and civil society stakeholders on research into peace and conflict and knowledge exchange activities.

    Full details of the Richardson Institute can be found here

  • Session 1: Extremism, Radicalisation and ISIS

    Seminar Leader: Grant Helm

    Room: Bowland North Seminar Room 12

  • Session 2: Sovereignty: what does the future hold for the EU and UK?

    Seminar Leader: Laurenz Gerger

    Room: Bowland North Seminar Room 13

  • Session 3: Neoliberalism and the Financial Crisis

    Seminar Leader: Ana Kumaraswamy

    Room: Bowland North Seminar Room 14

  • Session 4: After ideology: is there an alternative to liberal democracy?

    Seminar Leader: Rosie Mutton

    Room: Bowland North Seminar Room 15