Weekly outline

  • Introduction

    China in a Box

    This Box is designed to help teachers integrate China in the curriculum or in enrichment activities. Most of the box is digital, so teachers can deliver classes on their own, but you’re welcome to get in touch if you would like a visit.

     The Box has several pick and mix components, including:

    1. A set of three classes designed to fit the Geography GCSE Global Cities element, including a comparison of Shanghai and Liverpool.

    2. A 10 minute film which explores how China impacts British students’ lives, which can form the starting point for debate, creative activities, or other interactive exercises.

    3. Material for a roleplay of the big Paris Environment talks that took place in 2015. This can be used in class, or on a larger scale between classes or schools.

    4. We provide materials for schools that want to try out Chinese arts like calligraphy and paper cutting.

    Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, or if you would like a visit from us to run it with you.

    Please email   researchinabox@lancaster.ac.uk  to find out more.