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Types of Communication FileAdditional Activity - Verbal communication

Additional Activity - Verbal communication

FileThe answers to exercise 4

Here you can see how well you have done!

FileThe answer to exercise 5

I think you have probably guessed but......

FileBritish Sign Language

Here you can learn a little and test your skills!

FileAnswer to exercise 6

You can see how you did!

FileExercise 7 Formal and informal communication

Divide the pictures into two groups depending on if they are showing formal or informal communication.

FileAnswers to exercise 7

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What affects the way we communicate? FileExercise 10: Scrambled Word Test

See how clever the human brain can be!

FileExercise 11 - Reading Exercise

Understanding written communication

FileAnswers to exercise 11

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Self assessment FileCommunication word search and quiz

Test your knowledge

FileAnswers to the wordsearch and quiz

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