Section Name Description
Online Assessments including eMarking and Quizzes FileStaff Guide - Annotating Submission in Moodle

Note: Available 1st September 2016

Student submissions are displayed in Moodle alongside a range of annotation tools that let you give feedback on the student's work.

FileStaff Guide - Marking with Feedback Files

Feedback files allow you to download a student's original submission (such as a word document) annotate it and upload it as a separate file.

FileStaff Guide: Peer Assessment in Moodle

Using the Workshop activity and WebPA external tool for Peer Assessment tasks

FileQuizzes in Moodle

Using the Quiz activity, how to configure a quiz and add different question types.

Gathering Data Through Moodle FileStaff Guide: Gathering Data in Moodle

Using the Choice, feedback, questionnaire and database activities to collect data.

FileStaff Guide: Moodle Realtime Quiz

Use the Realtime Quiz to ask multiple choice questions during a lecture or seminar

Collaborative Activities in Moodle FileStaff Guide: Collaboration in Moodle

How to use the Forum, Chat, OU Wiki and BigBlueButton activities.

FileStaff Guide: Glossaries in Moodle

How to use the Moodle glossary activity to add concept definitions to your Moodle course

Moodle for Course Administrators FileStaff Guide: Moodle for Course Admin

Managing Course Availability, Managing User Enrollment, Viewing Student Participation (Course Reports), Backup and Restore of Courses

FileStaff Guide: Groups and Groupings in Moodle

What is a group? What is a grouping? Creating groups and groupings and using them with Moodle activities?

Student Guides FileStudent Guide: Assignments in Moodle V2.1 (03/10/2014)

How to submit text, files or portfolios to a Moodle assigment

FileStudent Guide: Getting Started With Moodle V3 (02-10-2015

How to access, login to and navigate around Moodle and change your user profile